Capacity Building Programme On Classroom Management

The inaugural function of this two day workshop was commenced by offering a humble prayer and lamp lightening ceremony as a tribute to Goddess Saraswati.

Ms. Sarbani Bose, Principal, Bhavan’s B.P. Vidya Mandir, Koradi  felicitated the eminent resource persons Smt. Annapoorni Shastri madam and Smt. Kona Roy Choudhuri madam,  by presenting a sapling,  momentum and bouquet.

Classroom management can be defined as the actions taken by teachers to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social emotional learning of the students.

The objectives of this workshop was to adopt such managerial skills and techniques which will help the participants to establish classroom order and discipline, devise an effective discipline plan for their classrooms, create an effective teaching styles which enhances teaching and learning, adopt effective strategies for dealing large classes effectively and develop a personal plan of action for effective classroom management.

The workshop themed “Classroom  Management” instigated by Smt. Kona Roy madam by showing the powerpoint presentation that classroom management is the foundation on which all learning happens. Without an effectively managed class, students are not clear

of the high expectations of learning that are expected of them. Madam conveyed that for achieving a culture in our classroom where children learn the maximum, classroom should be consciously managed. The messages conveyed by these presentations were that the teacher should be well versed with teaching methodology, have proper skills and techniques to manage the class effectively and have positive approach towards all the approaches required for teaching learning and classroom management.

Smt. Annapoorni Shastri madam communicated with the components of Classroom management. Madam explained the three major components, the Content Management which deals with lesson plans, organization and structure of the class. The Conduct Management includes behaviour, discipline & classroom rules and the Covenant Management tells the facilitation of trusting and respectful relationship  that promote optimal success for all children. The speakers said that the effective teachers should have clear and well moderated speech, they should be masters of their material, firm, reasonable, fair, consistent, alert, watchful, warm, approachable, enthusiastic, well prepared and well organized.

Smt. Kona Roy madam dealt with the transition i.e, the interval between any two activities. In addition, the beginning and ending of periods are transitions. Through various activities the interaction between the participants and  the resource persons was done. The speakers dealt with the different teaching styles. They said that teaching style reflects teacher’s presence and the nature and quality of the encounter with students. As a result, the efficacy with which we display our styles as teachers has two effects on students. It may facilitate or hinder their ability to acquire content, skills and it influences the learning styles that our students adopt. The speakers also communicated the four important learning styles of students – visual, auditory, read & write and kinesthetic.